Would A Bob Hairstyle Look Good On Me?

So you are thinking about getting a Bob Hairstyle? Now you are wondering if it would look good on you…. or not. The first thing to consider is your face shape! There are a handful of distinct face shapes, and everyone falls under one main shape. I will tell you about each of the different face shapes, and what hairstyles work well to accentuate your best features. Bobs look great on everyone, the question is what style of bob is best for me!

Nicole RichieHeart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is defined by a face that is narrow at the chin, then wider at the cheek bones, and forehead. Heart shaped faces tend to have a similar width at the cheek bones and forehead as well.

The Bob for you is a chin length bob, or a bob that sits between your shoulders and chin.

You should avoid anything that adds a lot of height on top of your head… so no heavy teasing you!


Cameron DiazDiamond Shaped Face

A diamond shaped face is defined by wide cheek bones, with a more narrow forehead and jaw. Forehead and jaw are commonly the same width.

Any bob will work well with your face shape. Lucky You!

You should avoid any hairstyle that covers up your gorgeous face! Your face shape is so pronounced, that you do not need to clutter it up with unnecessary additions. So think no bangs!

Sandra BullockSquare Shaped Face

A square shaped face is equal in length and in width, but it has a very pronounced jaw line that boxes it off.

Any bob will work on your face shape. But to lighten up your distinct features, have your stylist add some layers around your face. This will soften up your over all look.

You should avoid a single length bob, because without the layers in you hair, you will have your hair and face competing for attention.

Eva LongoriaOval Shaped Face

An oval shaped face is defined by a face that is 1.5 times longer then it is wide.
An example would be a face that is 5 inches wide at the cheek bones, and 7.5 inches in height.

Great news for you! You can pull off every single bob hairstyle. With layers, or without. Really short, to really long. Bangs, and no bangs. You are so lucky!

Even more good news, there is no hairstyle that you should avoid! Yah you!

Selena GomezRound Shaped Face

A round shaped face is defined by a face that is equal in height and in width. Also, does not have a pronounced jaw line.

The right bob for you is one that adds volume on top of your head, this will help to elongate your face, and soften out your round features. So tease that hair girl! Longer bobs are also best with you face, so hair that just grazes the shoulders is best for you.

You should avoid any extra bulk around the cheek area. Putting layers around your cheeks would only make your face appear wider.

Victoria BeckhamOblong Shaped Face

An oblong shaped face is defined as a face that is longer then it is wide, but does not meet the ratio requirements to be oval shaped.

Your bob should be a medium to short length. So that means the chin or higher! Layers are definitely your friend as well. Adding lots of layers will give you extra width and body, to make up for the more narrow face shape. Bangs are also a good option for you!

There isn’t much you need to worry about avoiding, as far as your hairstyle goes.

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